Pricing and Lifetime Guarantee

Pricing is very simple - and inexpensive! There's no reason to put off a chip or crack because it could result in a much larger expense.

Pricing and Lifetime Guarantee

We have a lifetime warranty guarantee on damage if it cannot be re-repaired. We will refund the total amount of the original repair as a credit toward your windshield replacement, or to your insurance company if your repair was covered.
Repairs that are done under your full coverage are 'no fault' claims, so there is no need to worry about being 'dinged' by your insurance company. 



Up to three chips    $5 per additional chip

Crack Repair

A crack 2" and under is $60. Cracks are better to be evaluated (free) for the best price. 

All repairs by Powers Glass Repair LLC are guaranteed for the lifetime of your windshield. If the damage spreads and can not be re-repaired, the total amount of the original repair will be refunded. Contact us if you'd like more information on our no hassle guarantee!

    Warranty Powers Glass Repair

    Powers Glass Repair, LLC, is a fully insured company. 

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