Is Windshield Repair a Good Choice?

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Is Windshield Repair a Good Choice?

Colorado Springs Powers Glass Repair

Windshield repair is not only a good choice, it’s a great investment!

Let’s consider why windshield repair is a good choice and why it’s better to repair a chip rather than replace a windshield.


Consider how far technology has gone over the course of 10 years. It’s incredible! A lot of the newer windshields have built in electronics now. Some can even detect when it’s raining and activate your windshield wipers. Some can make your car stop or slow down if you’re too close to another car. It’s absolutely amazing to see how advanced they have become.

Unfortunately, with that technology comes cost. Each one of those items raises the cost of replacing your windshield significantly because not only do the glass installers have to find glass with these items in them, but you would have to find someone (usually at and extra expense) to recalibrate them for you.

My windshield is older – Isn’t it cheap to replace?

Windshield replacement will never be cheaper than professional chip repair.

John, Powers Glass Repair

Constant Windshield Replacement Isn’t Wise

Maybe you have an older car without all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean windshield repair isn’t beneficial to you. It’s never a good idea to be constantly replacing a windshield, plus chip repair will always be cheaper than replacement.

Whenever a windshield is taken out of a vehicle, the seal is broken and replaced. This is true with newer vehicles as well. Over time as that seal is broken over and over again, it wears down the area where it sits. Eventually, it will get so worn down that it won’t seal properly, resulting in leakage, whistling, and or rust. If the area where the seal sits rusts out, you would be required to get rust treatment before a glass technician would put the glass back in. Imagine that! We had it happen to one of our vehicles which put it out of commission until the rust was fixed. 

Bottom Line on Chip Repair

With chip repair, you can completely avoid 99% of replacement hassle.  You may also have a deductible unless you purchased the glass package on your vehicle. You can get a chip repaired on your windshield at little to no cost to you in 15 minutes or less.

Many people ask, “What do you mean no cost?” 
A lot of insurance companies will pay companies such as mine to repair your windshield and waive deductible as long as you have comprehensive coverage over the vehicle.

Why? Because with all the technology in your windshield, they would rather do a chip repair free for you, rather than eat the cost of an $800 windshield. You would file what is considered a No-Fault claim which is exactly what it means. Nobody is truly at fault, except for the debris that hit your windshield.

How does it work?

When we do a repair for you, we call up your insurance company and they ask you a few brief questions. After we have finished with them, it takes less then 15 minutes to complete your repair.  Keeping your windshield repaired as damage occurs saves you and your insurance company money and a lot of unnecessary work in getting it replaced. Call us today if you have chip damage that needs to be taken care of. We’ll come to you, or keep track of us on our blog!


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