Cold and Wet Weather.

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Cold and Wet Weather.

Good morning everyone. Due to the temperature and how wet the roads are, we will not be out until everything clears up. To perform windshield repair, we need the temperature to reach a minimum of 35° and dry roads. If it is too cold outside, the resin becomes very thick and will not fill the damage correctly. Also if the roads are wet or it is precipitating, there could be water in the damage on your glass and it will not fully fill. We are hoping to be back at the Park Meadows Mall today providing every thing clears up. If we don’t see you today, then have a blessed weekend and we will see you Monday, God willing.

New Location

We have been moved out of the Red Robin parking lot to a new location on the southeast side of the parking lot. It’s right next to the intersection that connects Nordstrom and Lake Shore. Swing on by and let us help you save your windshield.

Long Crack Repair

Long Crack Repair Powers Glass Repair

We have also recently acquired a long crack repair tool and can now service cracks up to 24″ long. If you have a crack or someone you know does, have them swing by to see about getting it repaired.

Repaired Long Crack Powers Glass Repair

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